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Sgodt van de Zuidpool
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Sgodt van de Zuidpool I purchased this LP when they toured out my way in 2012, took it home, and got in one good listen before I put a modest gouge in the B-side like an idiot. It still plays, but it pops distractingly during a quiet part. I got myself a download because, damn it, this is worth paying for twice.
Stefanie Santana
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Stefanie Santana I can't get this music out of my brain/off the back of my eyelids.
CJ Boyd
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CJ Boyd There is so much palpable love in this record. Between the members of the band, and between them and their audience. It's what pop music should be. Favorite track: Half a House.
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released September 4, 2012

Recorded and Mixed by Colin Alexander
Mastered by Paul Gold
Artwork and Layout by Jonathan Campolo

SoftSpot is
Sarah Kinlaw (Vocals, Bass & Drones)
Bryan Wade Keller Jr. (Guitar, Drones, Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keys, Trombone & Accordion)
Drums on tracks 3, 5 & 8 by Andrew Spaulding
Additional Harmonies on track three by Andrew Spaulding
Programming and Synths on 1,2 & 7 by Colin Alexander

Special Thanks to Colin Alexander, Andrew Spaulding, Jonathan Campolo, Phillip Racz, Jarrod Drobot, Rhory True, our friends & family and everyone that supports us to any degree



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SOFTSPOT Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Disciple Fix
she decidedly stands where the water meets sand
with a slight of the hand, she changes the path that we take
we decided to stay where the land meets the sky
and we wrestle, with wonder, the unbridled boundaries of flight

and we within keeping ourselves in this light do stretch up to bless all the pieces controlling the tides
our feet in the foreground; the time in our minds
all nestled in warmth of the sunlight thats making us blind

while feeding the fables to the ones that we know
the grounds broken up, and the crops are refusing to grow
the seas swelling upward, reflects in the seams
imperial sights our kind turn to soft spoken screams (they say)

oh, bottle fed babies of endless expansion and light
come down from that house on the hill and be gifted with sight
the tide's on the rise and i'll soon go below
with the slight of my hand, will show you the right way to go
Track Name: Slack Tide
why didn't you start a fire
to make their feet move
put their hands in the cool cool water
make white walls grow

oh you so tame
with fair skin
put your face in the burning fire
learn from it

of course I budged

oh hear the noise cut
where new air blew
and did the winds warn
where we stood

of course we budged

when we pushed our backs
into a wall of water washing over
lost the line of sight that lead us
to the clear and open ocean

of course I budged
Track Name: The Cleansing Hour
let the bath turn the water black
it'll loosen up our scabs
as the light hangs a little lower
we both let our eyes roll back

this is how we use the cleansing hour
this is how we realign our power
as the light hangs even lower still
bound deep our teeth are chattering

i've gone under
i've gone under the water
Track Name: Agile Limbs
there there my son
you've a worried brow
and mine is plastered down
and my stance seems so strong
I'll stand above
I'll shake your ground

but my feet, I've found are agile limbs

there there my arms
they're plastered down
but through these locks
you'll move my son

because you'll never love this town

so please
let our arms free
let our arms breathe
Track Name: Future Cult Icon
to lose you of loose minds
in spite in time so we combine
as our eyes roll back
we seek these
our brains combat your genes
we are young
we've fucked you in the backs of our cars
go far

see me high rollin'
studying the bottoms of your feet
what have you known
have you grown
will you watch my eyes
roll back into the bottom of the sun
it's in the bottom of the sun

you could take me all the way
Track Name: Holy Father
we are now
we dry our eyes
we push our souls
right through our spines
as we go

I can make the trees fall down to your knees
make all the leaves lie down to appease you

and when your blood leaks
we'll give you ours

mountain man with mountain hands
crops that grow right from your chest
oh we in the likes of you
burn pine
oh burn these arms of mine
Track Name: Half a House
I'm the girl with half my heart
I'm the girl with half my house
let me cook for you
let me make you mine

all things made by my hands
now hold only half my plans
and I will share with you
[what I have shared with] very few

I'm the girl with just a part
I'm the one without my spouse
and how I shook for you
when you asked me about these things

I've got my hollow steps from room to room
following your old perfume
raining dust falling faster
muscles tighten too

because these things have all sculpted my [face]
my heart it lives in the space where
we said it'd be best if we could
split our love into two

daylight taps on my side
mornings with great divide
did you know widowed hearts
could sometimes still beat for two

these things have all stripped me of my [grace]
my heart it lives
we said it'd be best if we could
split our love
Track Name: Two Teeth in the Grill
we let the weight fall
out of you
you've given it to us
and we know

the cleanest air falls
from your body
give it all
given it all
give it up

these days of our woven woes
and our chests have all but broke
we waft the cosmos to cope
and honest hands they hold our throats

the way we're keeping our time
we held in buildings wrapped up tight
we've been sleeping through a loud light
and new lines
what could
what might

feel these things move around you

in time we will
come and join you
we will wash you
all is waiting
this is for you
you are nothing
and we want to
let it capture
you are waiting
you are golden
come together
give it all in
give it all up
we are waiting